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A brighter, smoother, and younger skin — that’s all it takes for women to feel confident! But as we mature, signs of aging continue to show, making spots and blemishes appear on our skin. With many treatments available, Facial Peels are one way to help you ease those worries. 

Peels can help you increase your skin’s brightness and retexturize your appearance. At Eastside Aesthetics by Lena, we carry Epionce malic and salicylic acid peels. These peels are the best option for patients who are new to peels, wanting a fresh feel! 

This might be the best time if you haven’t tried facial peels before. Scroll down for more details here in this post. 

What Exactly Are Facial Peels?

Facial peels have the power of ingredients dissolving dead sk4in cells and cleaning out your pores. In a way, it’s effective in exfoliating the skin, encouraging new, healthy cells to rise. This peel has malic acid, salicylic acid, and signature botanical ingredients.

What’s the Beautifying Benefit of Facial Peels?

You can see and feel many benefits when having facial peels. Think of it as a mega booster to your daily home skin care regimen. So, if you’re looking for revitalized and radiant skin, facial peels and your skin can accelerate those results.

Facial peels can be a great solution whether you’re eyeing for long term or short term. Our Aesthetician and Dermatologist can help you customize your peels to address the concerns on your skin.

Also, Facial peels address the rough texture and dullness while minimizing the appearance of breakouts, dark spots, and redness. You can talk more about these ideas with your doctor when you go through one-on-one consultation. 

Take note that assessment and evaluation should be your top priority to identify if Facial Peels fits you best. Our doctors at Eastside Aesthetics by Lena are experienced and skilled, helping you work through your goals. 

What can you expect from Facial Peels besides the benefits mentioned above? Let’s jump in below. 

Epionce Skin Peels

Epionce Skin Peels have been mentioned with Facial Peels and your skin many times. This peel is a practical, straightforward, and proven treatment that can sum up our results-driven and unique solution for the skin. It works best for all skin types and effectively treats sun damage, blemished skin, and dark spots. 

Epionce Peels have natural ingredients delivering maximum effect with minimum disruption. In other words, there is no downtime or recovery that any patient will undergo. These peels are also known to be a breakthrough in peels! You can combine this with microdermabrasion, which can enhance its results. 

What are the benefits?

  • Say goodbye to dark spots and blemishes caused by sun damage. 
  • No more acne scarring
  • No more wrinkles and blemishes.
  • Decrease in pore size and overall refinement in texture. 

Salicylic Acid Peels

Salicylic acid peels are noted as the newest approach. People have already used these acid peels for 2,000 years. These acids are found in wintergreen and willow bark leaves. But manufacturers can make it in the lab too!

Salicylic acid also belongs to the beta-hydroxy acid family and works great for zapping oil on the skin. And when used as a peel, this type of acid is excellent for people who have pimples and acne.

What are the benefits?

This kind of acid has many benefits that can be appropriate for peeling applications. These are the following:

  • Desmolytic – Salicylic acid has the power to exfoliate skin cells through damaging intercellular connections. 
  • Anti-inflammatory – This type of acid also has an anti-inflammatory effect on skin concentrations. With this factor, it can help you treat that acne. 
  • Comedolytic – This acid works by unplugging the dead skin cells and built-up oils, causing acne blemishes. 

With these effects, acid gets used by most experts to treat effects on the skin like:

  • Melasma
  • Acne
  • Freckles
  • Sunspots

What To Expect After the Chemical Peel

Depending on the facial peel, a reaction to similar sunburn happens following the treatment. It involves redness followed by scaling that ends within three to seven days. You may repeat mild peels until you get the look you’re aiming for.

Medium-depth and deep peeling can result in swelling blisters that may break the crust. Depth peeling can be repeated in 6 to 12 months, only if possible. But after each treatment, you will need bandages for several days on the part of the skin treated. Also, it would help if you avoided the sun for several months after a chemical peel since your new skin will be fragile.

How Often Do I Need to Get Chemical Peels?

You must get at least two to six facial peels three weeks apart for best results. Depending on your skincare goals, you may need to talk with your dermatologist for more information. But if you’re busy, there are Epionce peels that offer ultra-efficient lunchtime peels. This method can give you the efficiency to put on makeup and head out for the door immediately. 

What Are the Side Effects?

The Epionce peel system gives similar anti-aging effects that some of the strongest facial peels have. But without any reaction with those peels, which might have experienced some light flaking or peeling. 

But you will not encounter patches of the skin coming off. People think that the more your skin peels, the more influential the feeling. Please don’t believe that because it’s not true! Your skin will not need to peel to encounter its best benefits physically. 

Facial Peels at Home

There are thousands of skin care products labeled as peels working similarly. But the concentration and potency will never be as professional as facial peels in a clinic. These are more effective and can work more quickly. 

Facial Peels and Your Skin

Facial peels can help you achieve the best and most fresh-looking skin. It works best to eliminate those dark spots and protect your skin from any skin damage. Here at Eastside Aesthetics by Lena, Facial Peels can give out the best results in revitalizing your skin. We have our skilled and professional doctors that can help you work your way around the treatment. 

Customized plans and solutions won’t be a problem. If you’re interested, you can drop by and talk with our doctors for more details. Book an appointment and have a seat with us today! 

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